Chanel Does Dallas

I realise this was a few days ago but things have been hectic so I’m only getting around to posting about the amazing Chanel show in Dallas now. Karl Lagerfeld, I mean is there any end to that man’s talents and ideas! Vogue described Chanel’s Pre AW 2014-2015 show as ‘an extravaganza’, and I couldn’t agree more. Vintage cars for a drive in movie, bold navajo prints, cowboy fringing, feathers, whats not to love? Below are some of my favourite styles from the show, let me know what you think.

Chanel_090_2000_304x456 Chanel_085_2000_304x456

Chanel_083_2000_304x456 Chanel_078_2000_304x456

Chanel_075_2000_304x456 Chanel_074_2000_304x456

Chanel_072_2000_304x456 Chanel_071_2000_304x456

Chanel_063_2000_304x456 Chanel_062_2000_304x456

Chanel_061_2000_304x456 Chanel_050_2000_304x456

Chanel_044_2000_304x456 Chanel_026_2000_304x456

Chanel_011_2000_304x456 Chanel_003_2000_426x639

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! x

255370093152819071213 (2)

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