September Vibes

Ok, I think I say this every month. But, how is it September already?!

Summer is over, how is that possible? I literally blinked. And now the sunshine is gone and we’re heading into dark winter nights. I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for this. On one hand, it’s really not pleasant getting up for work in the dark. On the other hand – sweaters, boots, coats, Netflix binging, not feeling guilty for Netflix binging because it’s going to be colder out, less pressure to work out… not that the pressure was getting to me obviously!

I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion or not, but I actually prefer dressing for autumn over summer clothes. I love boots, I love over sized sweaters, I love coats, and as you all know, I love darker clothing. So in that regard, I’m definitely excited for autumn/winter!

What I’m wearing

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect sock boot. They’re impossible to find! They’re either too low, too high, not tight enough in the ankle, too clunky in the heel, on and on the list goes. I think I’ve got close enough with the options below! Also, I’m still not over thigh high boots. I think they’re just a winter staple for me now.


Silver Heel Umar I Boots – Senso  |  Thigh High Boots – Zara  |  All Black Boots – River Island

I’ve also got major love for velvet at the moment. Last Christmas I was obsessed with a velvet dress from Reformation, but for some reason I never bought it, which I’m still annoyed about to this day! I’m hoping they’ll re-release the dress this winter. You can bet I’ll be the first one to snap it up!

Velvet Cami – Asos  |  Wine Velvet Dress – Forever21  |  Red Velvet Draped Jacket – The Kooples  |  Black Velvet Pleated Trousers – Topshop

I’m loving the oversized jacket look too. I bought the baby blue jacket from Zara a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it a million times since. I think the colour is good with my pale annoying complexion, and it’s possibly the brightest thing I own right now!

Oversized Suede Bicker Jacket – The Kooples  |  Black Wool Coat – River Island  |  Green Longline Coat – Topshop  |  Blue Oversized Coat – Zara

What I’m loving

Is it just me, or has everyone been talking about NYX Cosmetics lately? I’ve heard so much about their cosmetics, especially the soft matte lip cream, so I decided to pick up a few. The store I went into had limited colours, I really wanted to try out some of their nude colours. However, I was able to embrace the autumn/dark vibes with two shades – Copenhagen and Monte Carlo. Copenhagen is a deep plum colour, kind of giving me Mac Diva vibes, and Monte Carlo is a deep cranberry red. The other colours on my list are London, which is a mid tone beige nude, Abu Dhabi which is a deep rose beige, and Rome which is a medium nude with reddish undertones. The other bonus is that these also double as my travelling wish list!

What I’m planning

This month is the first month in a long time that I am not travelling. I have no trip planned for September at all. I think January was the only other month this year that I haven’t taken a trip, which is pretty insane! I’ve been very lucky to travel to New York, London (several times!), Manchester, Ericeira in Portugal, Marbella, Edinburgh, and a few Irish trips too. I’m in two minds about not travelling this month. On one hand, I’ve been all go for months now, between travelling, work and everything else. I’m run down, I’m tired. I need to unwind. Which I’m really bad at doing by the way! On the other had, I love travelling! I get so much enjoyment from discovering new places, wandering around a new city. However, I do have two more trips planned for this year, so September will just have to be a planning month instead of a travelling month!


My October trip is with my work friends. I won’t be giving any details about that trip on this site as myself and two of my friends are planning the trip for our group as a surprise. So they all know the dates, and that’s about it! Flights and accomodation are booked and we’re all set to go. Now all we have to do is keep it a secret for the next few weeks!

My November trip is back to one of my favourite cities in the world, Chicago. We’re actually going over to see Ireland Vs New Zealand in the rugby. I’m so excited for the game and to be back in Chicago. We also leave the day before the US election, so I think things should be pretty interesting over there!


What I’m watching

Ok, if you haven’t started watching The Night Of, I need you to go away right now, binge watch it all and then get back here so I have someone to freak out with. How good is this show?! From the first minute I was hooked. There’s been so many incredible shows out lately that I can’t keep up. Stranger Things anyone?! If you haven’t watched that then I really don’t know what you’ve been doing. For a while there I thought that Harley Quinn was going to be the dominant Halloween costume this year, but now I think Eleven might give her a run for her money.

What’s on repeat

This song! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song over the last few weeks. There’s a short video of Tove Lo online explaining the meaning behind the song and how it’s kind of sarcastic and calling out how ridiculous the ‘dating games’ are. You know the ones, when you pretend not to like someone, take your time texting them back, all that crap. Give it a listen and I dare you not to get hooked.

So that’s all my obsessions for this month. I still have to get around to completing my Edinburgh post and potentially a video to go along with that. I’ll aim to have both of those done within the next week or so. See what I mean about being unable to unwind?! Enjoy your September everyone!


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  1. Right, 1.) I LOVE that blue oversized Zara coat! 2.) You should totally take September off to recharge your batteries lady (unless of course you want to come see the play I’m in at the end of the month…) 3.) I 100% think you’re right about Halloween, there’ll be packs of 4/5 people going around dressed as that whole gang! And finally 4.) As for this surprise trip, I WANNA KNOWWWW! 😉



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