Happy 100

This is my 100th blog post! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. This blog really has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Its given me a focus, something to work on when things are a bit crappy, and somewhere to share my ideas and things I love. I hope you have enjoyed the last 99 posts as much as I enjoyed researching, writing and sharing them. I will be posting a list of my most popular posts and pages on Monday which should give you a good snapshot of the last eight months on Okaybee.


The last couple of days have been crazy. I can easily say it has been one of the nicest Christmas’ ever. I had time to just fully concentrate on spending time with my lovely family and my friends and its done me the world of good. Some lovely nights out with friends in the run up to Christmas really got me in the spirit.

20131228-114038.jpg  20131228-114059.jpg20131228-114112.jpg

Christmas Eve we spent prepping things for Christmas dinner, we watched movies and just chilled out. Christmas morning we woke up and drank mimosas and ate fresh cinnamon rolls that I baked for the first time while we opened presents. They were so yum! I used to bake all the time but haven’t for a couple of months now. I finally feel like I’m getting my baking groove back!


20131228-114237.jpg    20131228-114249.jpg

Later in the day, family came over and we had a such a Christmas feast. We spent the evening drinking, eating, having chats and playing ‘Heads Up’. If you haven’t got this app yet, you need to get it! It was the funniest game and it was one that everyone could get involved in. Go and download it now!

20131228-114212.jpg    20131228-114221.jpg20131228-114124.jpg

St. Stephan’s Day, as the day after Christmas is known in Ireland, was spent with family. We went to my aunt and uncle’s home and had a big reunion with my cousins that live abroad. Its always so nice to see them, especially as my cousin’s wife is pregnant, very exciting times! In the evening, I met up with my friends and had such a brilliant night. There really is nothing better than a great day with family and a great night out with friends.


20131228-114306.jpg   20131228-114312.jpg

So another Christmas is over. Now its time to plan for New Years. Me and my friends are heading away for the night so I’m excited for that. Only problem now is, I have nothing to wear! All the online sales are on, but I can’t seem to find anything which is very annoying. Hopefully something will magically appear in the next day or two. What are your plans for New Years?

255370093152819071213 (2)

Photo source: Telio Textures, Personal Photos

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