About Okaybee

My name is Katie and I live in Dublin, Ireland. The name Okaybee came about out of my friends nickname for me; KB (my initials). From there it just evolved into Okaybee and that became this site’s name.

When I first wrote this about page years ago, my style was different. My vision for this was different. I’ve changed so much even since I last updated this page three years ago. It used to be all about fashion for me. Nothing but posts about clothing, fashion shows, trends. Now, I’m not less interested in that area. I still stream online shows, I still look at trends, I still have my finger on the pulse.

But, I’m also embracing all the other things I love. Like travel. I’ve been to approximately 17 new countries in the last few years, just exploring and experiencing. It’s a huge passion of mine, and one I will continue to cultivate.

Or baking. I’ve always loved to bake. It became a source of stress and anxiety relief as a teen. Something about the process of baking made me focus on that and not all the anxiety and worry that was swimming in my head. Now, it’s a source of fun for me, and I’ve started embracing cooking more too.

I have so many interests in so many things. I feel that calling this a lifestyle blog is most relevant, as I’ll never be able to focus on just one area. In many ways, what I wrote on this page more than five years ago is still relevant today;

“I can promise you a mix in this blog.”

And that, that is a promise I can keep. There will always be a mix of passions, be it food, travel, style, things to do, people to follow. It will never be the same. But that reflects me as a person. Which is the whole point, I guess.

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