Heatless Waves vs Curling Wand

I find there’s a point in every hair cut I get that it grows out to this awkward level, and once it gets to that point, it only looks good curled.

Am I the only one? You know that point, it’s a weird length, the layers are gone and it just doesn’t look right. As someone who’s growing out there hair currently, curls offer the chance for me to look a little more groomed.

I wanted to share my two favourite curling/wave methods with you today. They’re very different, and lead to very different results, but I love them both.


Heatless Waves

Shoutout to Tarmarz, who brought this heatless wave method to my attention. I’m a huge fan of air drying my hair. It’s so much healthier for my hair, and massively reduces damage from hot tools. Tara’s method is perfect to do the night before, and wake up with a headful of gorgeous waves. The steps are simple, but a nightmare to explain, so bare with me (or just watch Tara’s video below from the 8.05 mark):

  1. Wash your hair and leave to air dry until just dry enough to not have residual dampness
  2. Split your hair down the middle
  3. On the first side, pick up a 1-1.5 inch strand of hair from the front
  4. Underneath that, pick up a similar size strand and cross it over the first strand in an upwards, towards the back of your head direction
  5. Lower strand one to then add another 1-1.5 inch chunk of hair to it
  6. Cross this segment back over strand 2 as you did before
  7. Lower strand two, to then add another 1-1.5 inch chunk of hair, cross this segment back in the same way as before
  8. Continue until the entire side of hair is complete, twisting the two strands at the end and clasping together. I held the ends in my mouth. I know that’s gross
  9. Repeat on side two
  10. Gather both strands and tie the ends together at the back of your head
  11. Go to sleep after watching too many episodes on Netflix of that show you’re not even sure you really like
  12. Wake up, shake out the twists, and style with texturising hairspray
  13. Read this instructions again as they’re confusing af

Curling Wand

My go-to curling wand has been Babyliss for years. It’s inexpensive, has different heat settings, and works like a charm. Don’t bother with the expensive curlers, they’re not worth it in my opinion. This curling method is super fast, I can do my hair in 10 minutes flat (once dry), no matter what length my hair is. Check out the (hopefully) easy to understand directions below:

  1. Wash your hair and either air dry or use a hairdryer. I was feeling lazy so I used a hairdryer
  2. Here’s where a stylist would tell you to use a heat protectant spray. I don’t use them, but I should. Do as I say, not as I do and all that
  3. I set my curler to the second hottest setting, about 180. If you find that your hair doesn’t hold a curl as well, or you have long hair, put the setting up higher
  4. Working in 1-2 inch strands, wrap the strand around the wand, twirling away from your face, and leaving the ends out
  5. Twirl the strand as you’re wrapping it around the wand as it creates a softer wave
  6. Hold each strand against the wand for about 15 seconds before releasing and allowing to fall
  7. Do not touch the curls. Leave them cool 100% before touching them, this ensures they hold the curl for longer
  8. Once all your hair has been curled and cooled, work in your products. I use Wave Spray and Texturising Hairspray, both from Ouai


Once you get used to the methods, you’ll honestly be able to do your hair so quickly. I love having two different options that produce such nice results. If you try out either method, let me know below how you get on! I would love to know if you managed to decipher my instructions into something beneficial! (I’ll work on that skill, I promise).

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