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  1. Hey gurl, my computer is spasming out and I’m not sure if the message I sent you earlier actually did send. I wanted to nominate you for a Liebster award ( I was nominated recently and wanted to share the love. If you want to accept the nomination just send me an email @ or a DM on my Instagram


  2. Good afternoon, luke here , friend of sarah . Was stumbling across blogs of Amsterdam on google and yours came up and was a really good cultural review!. Just wanted to ask did you head in spring time ? Also would their be a hotel in mind you might recommend. Kind regards , luke Proctor


    • Hi Luke, oh that’s crazy! Such a small world. Glad you liked the post! I was in Amsterdam in October last year, so it was definitely starting to get cold. I stayed in Citizen M hotel. It’s handy to get to and from the airport, but it is a bit out of the city. We had to get trams into town. If you can stay more within walking distance of the city, then you’d save a lot of time. Enjoy!


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