From Casual, to Cosy, to Classics

I’m very lucky that I work in an office that I can be super casual one day, and then dress up another. I love the freedom in that. Last Monday, I just wanted to be casual and comfortable. My silver Converse were calling me! I kept this super simple with a black sweater and black jeans. I layered my black leather jacket with my coat. What I love about this Zara coat is that it’s collar-less, so simply layering a jacket with a collar underneath it completely changes it because the other collar can be seen. A new coat in seconds!


On Thursday, I was feeling the chill in the air so I nabbed this cute sleeveless jacket from my mom. It’s so soft and warm, it was a really great purchase as you can throw it on with nearly anything and make an outfit look nice. I love those pieces which are so versatile. So glad my mom bought it so that I can borrow it from time to time!


As yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland had a national holiday, me and my friends went out on Sunday night. I love going out on Sundays knowing that I don’t have to get up the next day! For this, I went for a classic monochrome look. My white jeans and Isabel Marant tee that I’m obsessed with, with a simple black blazer, boots and lots of layered necklaces. I really love this outfit. It was so easy to wear and I feel its a good transition outfit into spring. We had such a great night! I had an amazing time with the girls. Definitely a successful St. Patrick’s Eve!




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