I love a good strong lip colour. I think it adds so much to a look or an outfit. I realised while working in retail that if you want to look polished and give the impression that you put a lot of effort into your outfit, then lipstick will seal the deal. I used to have to be in work at 8 am some mornings and not being a morning person made this extremely difficult. My key to success was deciding on my outfit the night before and a bright lip that morning. Never failed me.

So I have a few pictures for you of some of my favourite MAC lipsticks. Why only MAC? Well most of my lipsticks are MAC and I think they are one of the best make up counters to go to if you are looking for a strong lip colour.

1. Party Parrot (Matte)

This is one of my favourite lipstick for the summer time. I have to ration it though because unfortunately its a limited edition! It is an amazing colour and goes very well with my skin tone. Every time I wear this lipstick, I have strangers come up to me and ask me where I got it. Seriously, every single time! I really wish it wasn’t a limited edition. Party Parrot is a matte lipstick so it is really important that you have well exfoliated lips before wearing. Matte can be quite drying so I would recommend once you have taken it off, to put on a soothing lip balm so your lips don’t dry out


2. Hang Up (Cremesheen)

Ok, I know straight off the bat that this colour isn’t for everyone! Its quite a strong, dark look, but I love it. It has a purple hue which goes really well with a light but smokey eye. This lipstick, unlike Party Parrot, is really moisturising. I think its a great lipstick if you’re looking to move away from classic red to something more daring. This lipstick looks great with an all white, crisp outfit. A great contrast.


3. Tart and Trendy

Here’s another limited edition lipstick! Seriously I need to stop gravitating towards the limited editions. I will be so upset when this lipstick is gone. I have seen it on every skin tone and it is one of those lipsticks that looks great on everyone. Initially, people are dubious of the orange colour, but they are always quickly converted. I love this lipstick in the summer, it was all I wore in Vegas because it goes with absolutely everything. Hopefully MAC will decide to put it on their permanent line soon!


4. Lady Danger

This lipstick is a MAC classic. Its my go to lip when I want to look polished and put together. This lip has a slightly more orange hue to it than Ruby Woo which makes it better for summer months in my opinion. Now that its coming into Autumn (or Fall for all my American readers!) I will be switching to Ruby Woo as it is a deeper red. Again, Lady Danger suits most skin tones so its definitely worth a look!


5. Viva Glam II

So I know this isn’t a strong coloured lip but it is a lovely nude colour and goes amazingly with a dark, dramatic eye. This lipstick is Viva Glam II so apart from being a lovely colour, 100% the proceeds (minus VAT) from this lipstick also goes to the MAC Aids Fund. Its an amazing cause which pairs iconic figures such as Sir Elton John, Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, Debbie Harry and Linda Evangelista with a new range of lipsticks. Since 1994, MAC have raised $270 million for the MAC Aids Fund. If that doesn’t make it a guilt free purchase than I don’t know what would! I have also put a MAC lipgloss called No Baby over this to give it a little more pop.


What are your essential lipsticks? x

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