That Double Denim

Lately, I’ve been having quite the double denim obsession. If I’m not covered in denim from head to toe, than I’m not happy. It explains why my overalls have been getting so much wear lately. There’s something so effortless about double denim, or Canadian tuxedos, if it’s done right – I’m looking at you Olivia Palermo.

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If I had to offer any tips to pulling off the double denim look it would be these;

1. Jeans aren’t essential. If you’re originally like – woah, this is far too much denim to be on one human being at once –  try something other than jeans with your denim top, shirt or jacket. Go for a pencil skirt, or shorts. It will help you stop looking like you raided a Levi factory and put on everything you could find.


2. Mix up your washes. Different washes work really well together. I’m a big fan of black jeans and a denim shirt. It’s double denim, but super wearable. So look for different washes to separate your look and to ease the double denim transition.


3. Chambray is your friend. While chambray and denim are different as they are not woven in the same way, many classify chambray as a type of denim. It’s very wearable and usually lighter. Perfect for shirts to tuck into your denim jeans without adding too many ridiculous bumps and lumps.


4. Be confident. I recently wore overalls again for the first time since the early nineties. While these weren’t mint green with a face on them like my favourite pair back then, I was still in two minds. Did I look like a giant baby? In the end I decided I didn’t give a shit as they we’re ridiculously comfortable and I thought they looked cute. Turns out people freaking love overalls, although I doubt they would have been as enthusiastic about them had I felt awkward and out of place in them. If you love the double denim trend – go for it! Clothes are supposed to be fun!



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