Can It Be Summer Now Please?

So it rained all day on Saturday and it honestly had me feeling very anxious. Like, I’m sorry but last time I checked it was May and supposed to be getting warmer and looking all summery and stuff. Instead, it rained all day. That horrible rain that soaks your hair, clothes, chills you to the bone etc. So yeah. That made me feel sad and slightly anxious. The greatest cure that I could figure out, was shopping online, after drying my rain soaked hair. I hope you like some of my favourite swimwear pieces below. As always, simply click the picture to shop!

There are so many incredible pieces available at the moment. It’s made me very excited for summer time. Personally, I’m obsessed with one pieces at the moment. They make me feel so comfortable and require a lot less effort than bikinis. I am constantly that person who oscillates wildly between “This summer I’m going to get in shape and feel great” and “Screw it, life’s too short. Hand me the pizza”. So one pieces help deal with those two conflicting feelings that I have. I’m blaming the fact that I’m Gemini on these inconsistencies. Asos and River Island are killing it at the moment, I definitely recommend that you check them out for swimwear. I’m also loving the Stella McCartney collection for Adidas.

swimwear 4 swimwear 8swimwear 5swimwear 7swimwear 11swimwearswimwear 13

As much as I’m obsessing over one pieces at the moment, there are so many bikinis that I love at the moment too. I’m really liking neutral bikinis at the moment. Lots of white, black, grey, pastels. Normally I go for prints, but they are next to impossible to mix and match. Neutral bikinis mean that they’re more versatile and easier to pair up with each other. I tried on the pale blue Topshop bikini below when I was in Topshop. I honestly have no idea why I didn’t buy it. It was cute and I loved the cut and colour. Currently adding it to my online basket.

swimwear 3swimwear 9 swimwear 2swimwear 6 swimwear 14swimwear 15

I can’t wait to be lounging by the water, feeling the sun beat down, and chilling out in one of these beauties. I read something recently that said, the secret to being happy is always having a trip to plan. I literally couldn’t agree more! Think how happy you are planning what you’re going to do on holiday, where you’re going to eat, the sights you’re going to see. It certainly cheers me up and part of that is definitely deciding what you’re going to wear! So get planning lovelies and happy shopping!




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