Vogue Festival 2015


So after years of wanting to go to Vogue Festival, and too many things getting in the way, I finally got to go this year. I went it about it a bit backwards I’ll admit. While scrolling through the list of talks, I came across the Olivier Rousteing and Alexa Chung talk and immediately booked my ticket, forgetting that I had to book my flight. Which I then realised weeks later. Cue frantic booking!

It’s definitely a great set up and there is loads going on at Vogue festival. I did find that the queues were absolutely insane however, so getting your nails, hair, or the Vogue cover done would really require having about two hours spare. I’m not really too bothered about that kind of stuff. The idea of going around with the same hairstyle as everyone doesn’t exactly appeal to me! But I did really love the venue. There was a wall full of Vogue covers, a juice bar, charging docks, the Vogue shop. You could spend an awful lot of time there wandering around with friends and taking it all in.


I find Olivier fascinating. For me, this was the talk I couldn’t miss. Aged 25, he became the creative director of Balmain, he was the head of the women’s division in Roberto Cavalli, he’s dressed Rihanna, Jane Fonda, Beyonce to name but a few, and he’s only 29. I suppose my perception of him before the talk was that he would be self absorbed, a bit full of himself. I don’t know why I felt that way, but I was totally wrong about him! I left the festival completely charmed. Olivier was funny, charming, honest, and a total open book. He discussed the importance of confidence when you wear clothing and how being fearless with clothing can make all the difference.


I’m also a big Alexa fan. I know she divides people but I find her so effortless and goofy. Not to mention the fact that her style is on point. All. The. Freaking. Time. I think she was excellent at engaging with Olivier and it was a lovely talk to be part of. I’ve definitely learnt a few tips from going this year. I’ve learnt to book early so you’re sitting close to the action. I’ve learnt to not spend the day running around before the talk going to exhibits and exhausting myself. But there were some things I definitely got right the first time. I choose a comfortable outfit and was so glad I did. By the time the talk was over at 6.30, you could see that some people were seriously struggling. Being a trainer addict, this was not an option for me so I’m glad I chose comfort over a show stopping outfit.


My friend Rebecca from Peppermint Dolly, attended the Louboutin talk earlier that day and has some gorgeous photos of the festival that you should definitely check out. If you want to see some of the Olivier talk, watch the edited YouTube video below!



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  1. very enjoyable ! Alexa always entertains ! 🙂


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