Silk in the Summer

So it was a nice day today and I decided to make the most of it. When its sunny, I hate feeling confined in my clothes. This over sized shirt is a perfect dress for nice weather. Its light soft material means that you don’t feel clammy and horrible when you’re walking around. Its from Zara which I always find is brilliant for basics like this. The sandals and hat you’ve seen in previous posts. They are from Aldo and Forever21.


The necklace was a great find from Forever21. I think it was €4 or something. I love it because its a nice original piece and its a bit different. The rings are an assortment. I’ve had them do long I actually can’t remember where I bought any of them from!


My bag is Michael Kors. I got it in the sale last Christmas and I absolutely love it. I like that its not a typical Michael Kors style and I adore the colour. I wear it with a lot of black and white as well as it complements them nicely.


Hope you enjoy! x


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  1. Very pretty outfit, I really love your jewelry choices!


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