Galway Races, 2014

Up until last weekend, I had never been to the Galway Races. I missed out on them last year, so this year I was determined to go. It may have rained a little… Ok a lot on Thursday. And the dress I ordered may not have arrived on time, but I still had an brilliant weekend with an amazing bunch of girls. Thanks to Jenny and Laura, I actually have some photos of my outfits – I know it’s a miracle! You can check out their other pictures on Instagram – Jenny & Laura.

Night one was the Thursday night. I wore this black dress from Asos. I’ve had it for a year or two now and it’s one of those dresses that I feel really comfortable in. I paired it with my black and gold Zara shoes and had my hair done that day by the lovely Brian in Peter Marks on Grafton Street. Pity it rained all night and ruined it…. Oh well!IMG_4646.JPG


Friday afternoon we headed to the races. As the dress I ordered didn’t arrive, I wore my back up dress instead. This wine dress is from Sandro and is actually perfect for the races. I wore gold strappy sandals, again from Zara and a fascinator. It’s gold here but was actually originally grey. My mom did a little DIY job on it to match my shoes! IMG_4739.JPGIMG_4727.JPG

Friday night rolled around and I decided to change my dress for that night. I wasn’t the only one so it wasn’t a total diva move! This dress is another one that I’ve had for ages. It’s this amazing cobalt blue colour which I think works well with my colouring. You can’t see the full look here, but I wore it to a wedding back in November too. I decided to keep jewellery to a minimum because of the bright colour of the dress.IMG_4737.JPG




To say that our feet were burning the next day is a serious understatement! Two days and nights in heels, dancing, walking and rushing around the place is a little much on the feet. I have never been so happy to wear my Birkenstocks the next day, and I wasn’t the only one!IMG_4638.JPG

I had such an amazing weekend. I am definitely going again next year, and this time I’m ordering my dress well in advance! I think I will also try to get a more dramatic fascinator for next year too. The one I wore was lovely and worked really well with my outfit, but I think I would like to wear something that makes a bit of a statement.



Excuse the various filters and quality of photos (mine are the awful blurry ones), I really should invest in a good camera, and of course, get better at actually taking photos! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!





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  1. All your outfits look amazing & your figure lady, is to die for! You lucky thing you.
    There is nothing more satisfying than putting on your birkenstocks after a long, few days in high heels. Mine are an absolute GODSEND!
    Rebecca xxx


  2. Great Synopsis and weekend Katie! You looked gorgeous as always – until next year!


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