(J) Brand New

So the week got off to a lovely start with the delivery of a brand new pair of J Brands! Couldn’t believe they sent a pair out to me, very happy girl here! I have long been a huge fan of J Brands. They are amazing quality jeans and the best part is, they are the only denims that don’t loose their colour. So even after I wear these to death, they’re still going to remain black!



So I threw an outfit together because I was so excited to show you guys. Ignore the horrible hair and face with no make up! The top is actually a dress from the Rihanna for River Island range. I just tie a knot in it to turn it into a top. The shoes are Dune. The necklace, which I doubt you can see thanks to my big hand, is Topshop.


They’re a great fit and really comfortable because they contain 2% elastane. If you’re looking for the same ones, you can find them on the J Brand site.IMG_6138

In other news, one of my younger sisters, Amy, returned home yesterday after living in California for three months. Great to see her back and finally the Three Musketeers are reunited!


Happy Monday x

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