What I Wore In Copenhagen | Packing Tips

You guys, it happened. I managed to pack efficiently and effectively for a trip. I didn’t over pack. I didn’t forget anything. I had five full outfits. No problems. So obviously I had to make a video and post to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Day One

I am all about being comfortable when traveling. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a flight. I kept my outfit simple – white straight leg jeans, a black light jumper, a black belt, a leather jacket, a trench coat, and my Gucci loafers. It was actually so warm in Copenhagen, I didn’t even need the leather jacket, so I left it in the hotel once we checked in.

That evening, I kept a lot of the look on, but swapped out the loafers for black heeled boots, and the black sweater for a one shoulder black top. Easy swaps that didn’t require a lot of effort at all!

Day Two

It was so warm the second day, that I only needed a light jacket. We were not expecting that at all! But luckily I had the right clothes to make sure I didn’t overheat. I wore the same jeans again, but this time in a light blue wash. I’ve had these jeans for two years now, so they’re well lived in. On top I wore a plain crew neck white top, with my black light blazer. On my feet, I wore my new Veja V-10 trainers. Let me tell you, these bad boys need to be broken in, big time. But they’re super comfortable when they are broken in.

That night, I wanted to keep things simple, but still update my look. I kept on the blue jeans, but switched to a black, spaghetti strap bodysuit. I kept the blazer, but removed my belt from my jeans and wrapped it around the blazer to cinch in my waist. And I wore the same black boots as before. Such easy swaps, but they make such a big difference to an outfit!

Day Three

Final day, and I was back to rotating items. Same white jeans, same Veja trainers, same blazer, same belt, new fresh top. It’s amazing how a few simple changes make a new outfit!

So with just 15 items of clothings, including shoes, I created 5 different outfits, suitable for lots of different weather, and, more importantly, I liked all the outfits!

I’d love to know what you think about my miraculous packing, and my outfits. Leave a comment below and let me know! Also, if you have any packing tips, leave them below, as I feel this was an anomaly for me, and I’ll be back to my crappy packing ways soon!

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