48 Hours In Copenhagen | Travel Diary

Denmark was officially the 30th country I’ve visited.

I’m not obsessed with counting the countries I’ve been too, but it’s a nice milestone all the same! I’ve wanted to visit Copenhagen for a while, as I haven’t been to many Northern European countries before (something I definitely want to change over the next year or two).

I haven’t done a travel video for months as I haven’t been away since January. I forgot how much I like putting them together! Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Day One

We flew into Copenhagen on Saturday, landing about 12.45. The metro is the best way to get from the airport to the city, with metros every 4 minutes or so. One thing I was struck by was how clean it was! Copenhagen is spotless! We got to our hotel, Hotel Danmark, and left our bags there as we couldn’t check in until 3pm.


We decided the best thing to do would be to wander around the city and get our bearings. Copenhagen is a really easy city to wander around. We literally only used the metro to get to and from the airport, otherwise we walked everywhere. One thing I will say however, in terms of accessibility – lots of the restaurants and bars are in basements, meaning they’re not easily accessible for some people, and there are lots of cobblestones about the city, which may cause access issues. Just something to bear in mind.

We headed to Nyhavn, which is the port area. It’s very touristy, especially seeing as it was Saturday afternoon and sunny. All the bars were packed! We ended up going back on Monday morning after breakfast and it was much calmer. So choose your time wisely. We wandered around the main square some more, before going back to the hotel to check in, freshen up and relax for a bit. I was still getting over an illness, so we decided to take it easy that weekend.


Our hotel has a happy hour every day from 5pm to 6pm, which of course we missed, but we headed down to grab a cocktail before bringing them up to the rooftop bar. There was a lovely view over the city, and the rides at Tivoli Gardens, which was the perfect backdrop to watching the sun go down.

Afterwards, we headed back towards Kompagnistræde, which was a street we wandered down earlier. It’s a great street to go to if you’re looking for a bar or restaurant, as there’s tonnes of options. Pretty quickly we stumbled upon Lolly, and decided to eat there. What a gem of a find! The food there was amazing, the cocktails were so good, and don’t get me started on the decor. Highly recommend checking out Lolly if you’re in Copenhagen! Afterwards, we headed to Zefside for a few drinks. It’s a nice late bar, with good music. Perfect for a few drinks after a meal.


Day Two

The next morning, we were in no rush to get up. I love a city break when you just take things at a more leisurely pace, and don’t rush to see every inch of the city. We had passed a cafe called Sonny the night before, and decided to head there for breakfast the next morning. After grabbing our coffees, croissants, and granola to go, we started walking towards Nørrebro.


I have loads of recommendations for that area, non of which we got to try this time, but if you’re looking for restaurants or bars in that area, then check out my saved Google Map of Copenhagen. In there, you’ll find all the places that were recommended to me as well as all the places we stumbled upon. I update them as people recommend additional places, meaning you’ll always have access to an up to date list.

We checked out some thrift shopping in the area, and then went to Superkilen. It’s like a skateboard park of sorts, with all these curved lines painted onto the tarmac. It’s pretty cool to see in person, even if the area is super busy! Afterwards, we headed to Manon Les Suites, one of the most bizarre, yet amazing hotels I’ve ever seen. It’s like a pool, in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by all sorts of paraphernalia, and hotel rooms. It has to be seen to be believed. We headed up to their rooftop bar and had a glass of wine, relaxing after all our walking that morning.


Next, we headed back towards the main area of the city, as I wanted to go to an interiors store called Hay. It has the most gorgeous views of the square and the luxurious shops around it, but it also has the most incredible furniture and interiors pieces. I was in heaven. I really need to buy a house soon so I can buy everything in Hay and live in happiness forever.

We grabbed some food before went back to our hotel for a while to freshen up, and to take full advantage of happy hour, before heading back out again. This time, we went to Cafe Norten, which is just below Hay, for drinks and some treats. It’s a nice chilled out place for a drink, some food, and a good chat, all while watching the sun go down in the city. We went for a few more drinks after that – one in Zalt, and another in Bastard Cafe. If you’re looking for a relaxed evening, playing board games and drinking craft beers, then you’ll love Bastard Cafe!


Day Three

We decided to get up a bit earlier this morning as we had to leave for the airport at lunchtime. Thankfully, it was Monday, so things were a little more peaceful at Nyhavn, which was our first stop before going to The Union Kitchen for breakfast. The menu is insane there, we had the hardest time deciding. Eventually I chose a waffle, and Jenny got the breakfast platter, which is a little bit of everything. So good, and such a nice venue again.


Afterwards, we decided to walk to Christiania, which is a community also known as ‘Freetown’. One thing you’ll notice is there’s no cars in that area, meaning it seems suddenly very peaceful when you get there. There’s loads of amazing painted murals and art work around the place, but you need to be careful about taking photos, as it’s not encouraged. Something I wasn’t aware of until I took out my camera and someone started shouting ‘No photos!”. It’s definitely worth a wander around the area, and there’s a nice walk along the water that takes you around a lot of it.

We weren’t planning on doing anything particularly touristy while in Copenhagen on our last day, but then we realised that we were really close to Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour) and decided to walk up to the top. For €5, I’m so glad we did it! It’s a weird, slightly challenging climb, and the wind at the top wasn’t ideal, but the views of Copenhagen were amazing! I think it’s a good one to do on your first day in Copenhagen, as you really get your bearings quickly that way.


Just like that, it was time to head back to our hotel, and enjoy one last Aperol Spritz in the sun before heading to the airport. Copenhagen is a gorgeous city to visit, I would definitely encourage you to add it to your list if you haven’t already. Let me know if you head to any of the places I’ve recommended, that are in the Google Maps List, or if you have any other recommendations to add. I’d love to hear all about them!




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  1. You have really sold Copenhagen to me. I’ve heard awesome things about the place but I haven’t really been inspired to go however your post and your amazing pictures make me want to visit. I hope you had an amazing time lovely, congrats on your 30 countries!
    Alex x

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  2. ‘Bastard Cafe’ – what a name, haha. This is such an awesome guide and everything you packed in is so my cup of tea. Thank you for sharing! Also loving the shared Google Maps 🙂


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