My 16 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

I’m as surprised as you are that I managed to get this down to just sixteen pieces.

At first I thought there was no way I was going to be able to boil my favourite pieces down to so little. But when I started thinking about my outfits and the type of clothes I like to wear, it became really easy to choose. As I mention in the video, this is obviously a seasonal wardrobe. Lots of these pieces will be swapped out in the summer. But for the current climate, this is a great representation of what I’m wearing on a daily basis.


Black Skinny Jeans – a staple of my wardrobe, and I know many others too. Black skinny jeans are so damn versatile. There’s very little that doesn’t work with a plain black skinny jean. I’m one of those people that is constantly wearing all black outfits, so I would struggle on a daily basis without black jeans! My current favourites are the Leigh from Topshop, but I definitely want to try to get a pair of black Levis soon.


Blue Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans – I was only recently converted to the magic that is a straight leg jean. I’ve always presumed that they would be super unflattering on me, because I’m not the tallest person. However, I adore this pair from Zara. They’re a boyfriend style, with raw hems and a medium to light wash. Super handy and comfortable!


Leopard Midi Skirt – We all know about that Reformation skirt that was all over Instagram for a while. Well I found a much cheaper version in Penneys that does the trick! What I love about this skirt is that you can dress it down, or dress it up, making it really versatile. Midi skirts are having a moment, which I’m delighted about as they are a lot more flattering for my height, and more appropriate to wear in a variety of places.


White Crew Neck Top – Seems like such a boring item to choose, but I wear plain tops all the time. I prefer to have something plain on that I can dress up with jewellery and make up, rather than having something elaborate that is less easy to mix and match with other clothes. I have these tops in lots of different colours, but the white is the one I gravitate to the most.


Black Mock Neck Top – This top is a little different as it’s ribbed and has a mock neck. Again, I have this top in a few different colours. I think if there are tops that you gravitate towards often, then you should get them in a variety of colours to increase the number of outfits you can make. Next thing I need to do is incorporate more pops of colour into these basic tops, something that I struggle with!


Black Sweater – Another staple item that is essential in these cooler, somewhat rainy months. It’s good to have something a little heavier that you can layer up with other items. As someone who will catch every cold going, I couldn’t dream of having a capsule wardrobe at this time of year without including one!


Patterned Shirt – I tend to lean towards block colours, as they’re much easier to mix and match. However, a little pattern never hurt anyone. I love this shirt I got from Topshop last year. It’s still in my colour palette (heavy on black, white, grey and blue), but the pattern adds a little something extra. I do mention that I have a black shirt in my wardrobe which is also a favourite, but I know I wear the patterned shirt more, so it just made sense to include it.


Black Leather Jacket – My staple. My every day. My ‘can’t live without’. Seriously. I lost my favourite denim jacket on a slightly drunken night in London a few years ago and I was devastated. I was also at a loss not having a leather jacket in my wardrobe for the few days until I replaced it. I honestly think it goes back to watching movies like Grease and Dirty Dancing, and seeing how amazing everyone looked in leather jackets. I will never not have a leather jacket in my wardrobe.


Classic Trench Coat – The trench coat is another wardrobe essential. It can make a very basic outfit look so effortlessly chic. It’s also a great option for when the weather eventually improves and you just want a light layer to wear out. I got a very simple one in Penneys that looks a lot more expensive than it actually was. Ideal world, I’d get more of an investment piece that’s going to last forever, but this will do for now.


Black Oversized Jacket – This is my Mary-Kate and Ashley Jacket. The one that makes me feel like I’m living their oversized, layered lifestyle. I know it’s so basic, but I am completely obsessed with them. I think because they’re a similar height to me, and look so chic with no fucks left to give. It’s a look I strive for, but know I’ll never fully achieve it. But this oversized black coat helps a little.


Patterned Scarf – The last of my few patterned items on this list. I wrote last week about how versatile scarves are, and they’re also a great, inexpensive way to incorporate some colour into your outfit and to jazz up an outfit you’ve worn to death. Tie it around your neck, in your hair, onto a bag strap. It’s a simple, but effective outfit upgrade.


Black Belt – I wear belts for more of a decorative purpose than needing to hold up my jeans. Thanks to my unhealthy eating habits my jeans currently have no concerns of falling. The more worn and aged belts get, the more I love them. A simple black leather belt with a gold clasp is my go to.


Black Hat – My friends will vouch for me when I say I’m something of a hat enthusiast. I was the fedora queen for a few years a while ago, but I’ve since moved on to more straw hats (stay tuned to see that in my summer capsule wardrobe), and baker boy hats. It took my forever to find one that actually suited me, as most I tried on were too big for my head. If you’re prepared to try and fail with various sizes, Asos usually has a great range.


Black Gucci Loafers – My babies. These are one of best things I’ve ever bought. I don’t do well in heels for prolonged periods of time, so a smart shoe that’s flat and comfortable is a worthy investment in my opinion. The leather is so gorgeously soft, they were comfortable to wear from the moment I first tried them on. If you’re considering the investment, check out my post on how to sensibly make investment purchases that are right for you.


Black Heeled Ankle Boot – As I said above, I don’t do heels for long periods of time. My knees always kill me the next day (yes, I am 100 years old), so for me it’s just not worth it. However, when I do wear heels, a simple black ankle boot is my go to. A decent block heel is essential if you want to reduce any pain on your knees, hips, back and feet. Follow me on Instagram for more geriatric tips.


Black Cross Body Bag – Another one of my children, and another brilliant investment purchase. A cross body bag is going to look great with every outfit, let’s be real here. I bought the Celine Trio a few years ago, and it is rare that I’ve worn an outfit that it hasn’t suited. The perfect bag to tie together the rest of the items on this list.

There you have it, my 16 piece capsule wardrobe. Are you as impressed as I am I managed to get it down to so few items?! Let me know in the comments below what your wardrobe capsule collection would include

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