Mani Monday

I love getting my nails done. There’s something so relaxing about it. Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to get them done much so I find myself doing my own manicures. Lately I’ve been getting kind of bored of the standard red, nude, taupe that I always go for. I looked on Pinterest and as usual, there was tonnes of inspiration. Whether you’re going for a fresh, lady like new colour, or something wild and adventurous, you’re bound to find something you like. I picked out some of my favourites to get your started. I adore the simple matte black and the Dia de los Muertos inspired nails with the 3D floral eyes, so amazing!


nails 6    nails 9

 nails 3nails 7nails 5nails 8  nails 10  nails 13nails 14  nails 15nails 12

Photo sources: Pinterest

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