That Olsen Obsession

I pretty sure I’m super unoriginal in saying I have a huge obsession with the Olsens.  This is not confined to just Mary Kate and Ashley anymore, their gorgeous sister Elisabeth is also included, although I will be looking at Elisabeth’s style in a different post. This unhealthy obsession has been going on for quite a while now, a good few years at least. I think for me, its a number of things. First there’s their effortless style. Something that I often try to recreate, but never look even half as good. Their shoe collection is literally out of this world and they always push the boundaries of style and fashion.

Another personal reason for my Olsen obsession is the fact that Mary Kate and Ashley are the same height as me. I know this seems silly, but growing up all the models were, and in fact still are, amazingly tall and leggy. I always wished I could be like them, with endless legs. But then there were the Olsens, the same height as me and making designer clothes look just as good, if not better than the models.

So today I decided to focus on several aspects of the Olsen Look; their street style, their formal looks, accessories, hair, and editorial shoots. I hope my fellow Olsen fangirls appreciate it!


1. Street Style


2. Formal

mkmk2mk4mk15Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsenmk7mk25

3. Accessories


4. The Hair


5. Editorials

mk11mk23mk26 mk27 mk28

Photo Sources: Pinterest

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