Some Spooky Stuff

Happy Halloween! Well, nearly. With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year it made life a little difficult. As it is a Bank Holiday here in Ireland today, all the work folk went out last night, and so did I. So technically, Happy Halloween! I have been threatening to be a skeleton for a couple of years now and I finally decided to do it this year. The make up was actually super easy to do. In the photo below, I hadn’t finished the make up on my neck but you get the idea.


I had a really great night, only thing is, there weren’t too many people dressed up last night until later. Cue me covering half my face with my hair so I don’t look like a total freak. Was stopped several times by people commenting how scary I was so I guess I did a good job with my face paint anyway. Completely forgot to take a photo of my outfit, so silly of me. But it was fairly plain, just lots of black and leather. Basically a pretty everyday outfit for me!

Below are a few photos of my night, you can see I’m attempting to pull a Miley Cyrus with my tongue out in one. I seem to do that a lot for photos, a bad habit that needs to stop for sure! I’d love to hear what you guys are dressing up as for Halloween. Its always fun to see peoples costumes come together and hear where they got the idea.



In other, completely unrelated news. I woke up this morning and saw that I have reached a pretty significant blogging milestone. I want to thank you guys for reading my little rambling blog. It really is so much fun to do and I’m so glad I started this back in April. Long may the milestones continue!


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