Frankfurt, Germany

I got back from Frankfurt yesterday evening, what a crazy couple of days! Our flight was super early on Friday morning which I actually love because it means you have more holiday time. We arrived into the city that afternoon. Frankfurt is beautiful! It’s kind of built up with these amazing skyscrapers, but there’s also gorgeous old buildings too.


We found out there there is a roof top bar in the summer called Long Island Summer Lounge. It was incredible. The view was amazing and because the Germany game in the World Cup was on, there was a great atmosphere. It was even crazier when Germany won their match!



Everyone was so friendly and really nice. It was the perfect start to the holiday because we could just relax and have a few drinks in the sunshine while everyone else was panicking watching the game! You’ll see below that the bar man jumped up onto the bar to look at the huge screen better when Germany scored a goal!



No matter where we went, the view was incredible. My favourite view was from our balcony at night. You could see so much and sit out and have a drink before heading out. I also loved sitting there first thing in the morning when we came in from our night out and watching the sun come up. So relaxing!


I ate so much junk food over the weekend! It was so bad, I was like a magnet to MacDonald’s and pizza. I’m going to have to make a lot of kale juices to make up for it over the next couple of days!


Another day, another sunrise. I’m such a sucker for sunrises and sunsets!


So that’s all for my Franfurt diary. I would definitely recommend going to Frankfurt for a weekend. It’s such a gorgeous city. You’ll notice yet again that I have no photos of my outfits. It’s like as soon as I leave Ireland, I completely lose the ability to take them. The same thing happened in Spain! I promise to try to be better on my next trip.

I hope you all had a great weekend!





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