The 12 Days of Christmas: Skin Care

We’re on the second half of the 12 Days of Christmas now – I hope it’s helping you with your wish lists and Christmas presents! There’s nothing nicer than finding the perfect present that you know someone you love will love. It’s a great feeling. I love putting time and thought into everyone’s presents. The nerd in me makes a big spreadsheet filled with ideas, budgets and plans! It’s the only way I can keep track!

Today I want to show you some of my favourite skin care products. Personally I love getting skin care products for Christmas. It’s really nice to pamper yourself in January and get yourself feeling your best. As always, click the photos to shop!

 Girl on the Go

You know the drill, you get home late from work, or a night out, and the last thing you want to do is spend ages on your skin when all you can think about is your bed! Obviously I’m not encouraging using these quick fixes all the time, but occasional use is perfectly fine. A girl needs to get her glow on the go too! I swear by the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour creams. They are incredible for moisturising and  are so healing. If you’re like me and suffering from chapped lips because of the cold weather, the Intensive Lip Repair Balm is worth checking out.

skin care 3 skincare 2 skincare 4 skincare

Deep Cleanse

Then we go to the other extreme. These are the times when I gladly spend over an hour in the bathroom – exfoliating, cleansing, toning, moisturising, using all the serums, lotions and potions that I can find on my skin. You actually feel like a whole new person afterwards. That may be because you have removed an entire layer of skin though… I’m actually going to do a big cleanse this weekend in time for Christmas. Nothing nicer than fresh, soft skin.

 skincare 7 skincare 8 skincare 9skincare 10

Cult Products

I swear by the MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash exfoliator. It is amazing! My mom and my sister love it to. Any time we feel a breakout coming on, we exfoliate with this and it makes things so much better. I will warn you that it’s a fairly tough exfoliator, so don’t use it before going out to an event or anything. I’ve also been converted to the Beauty Blender. These things are amazing! It gives the loveliest finish to your make up and I feel that it makes my foundation last for longer. The This Works range is incredible, I don’t know where to start there’s so many things that I want from that range!

 skincare 11skincare 6skincare 12skincare 13

I hope you guys have found some inspiration in this post! What are the skincare products that you can live without?



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