When in Doubt, Wear Red

Oh my god I’m wearing colour. No you’re not imagining it. I’m not in my uniform of white/black/grey/denim, but an actual bright red dress. It’s a miracle. Although apparently I do have a small habit of wearing red to events. I had an awards ceremony in work last week, which turned out to be super fancy, so this red dress saved my ass. I find it so tricky to dress for events where the dress code is ‘cocktail dresses’. Who even buys cocktail dresses anymore? This little number is perfect for this sort of occasion. The high neckline and midi length keeps it classy and the vibrant colour means it isn’t boring.


Dress: Missguided

(they really need to get about a million more sizes and colours of this dress back in!)

Shoes: Zara (similar)

My hair is actually day three of the curls that I showed you guys in my last post. As I said in the post, my hair holds a curl well so I can get three days out of curling my hair. It is more of a softer, lived in beachy wave by day three, which I really like.

The venue was the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. I know having in event in a building that used to be a hospital sounds like madness but I can assure you, it’s beautiful! I mean check out the view of the grounds! We arrived to a champagne reception and a string quartet playing music outside. It was a gorgeous sunny evening. Perfect for some champagne with friends while admiring the view. See what I mean when I said fancy?


The dress was put to the test during a delicious three course meal and awards ceremony with lots of prosecco and wine. I don’t know why I wear tight things to events when I know there’s going to be excessive amounts of food and drink. I think I must like torturing myself. Speaking of the incredible venue, the dance floor is inside a converted church, with the DJ booth on the alter! How crazy is that? You can’t see it properly from my crappy photo but trust me, it’s awesome.


The worst part of my evening was definitely getting home and realising I somehow had to get out of my dress. Food, exhaustion and the fact that it’s a tricky dress to struggle in and out of meant that I just lay down on my bed for a solid 30 minutes trying to convince myself that it wasn’t a good idea to sleep in the dress. I eventually moved although it was a close call!


I have a couple more fancy events coming up over the next few weeks, but I’m finding it difficult to find interesting outfits. Any suggestions would really be appreciated!




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