Dressing for an Autumn/Winter Wedding

Weddings are hard. Why do I find it so impossible to dress for weddings?

To be fair I do agonise over my wardrobe at the best of times, lame I know. But when it comes to weddings I draw a blank. I don’t want to be too formal and uncomfortable, you’re looking at the girl who wears basically sweats to work every day. I also don’t want to be so casual that I look out of place with all the beautiful people in their finery about. It’s a dilemma.

One thing I do know is that when it comes to weddings, I will no longer wear anything tight or formfitting. I learned that the hard way at my friends wedding in April. Long story but I basically woke up after a heavy night of tequila in the wrong country, made the wedding by the skin of my teeth, but was bloated and hungover in a verrrryyy form fitting dress. I got through the hangover, but the lingering discomfort of being so self conscious in my dress, meant I didn’t have as good a time as I should have.

Autumn and Winter weddings can be tricky, as no doubt you’ll be warm once you’re tearing up the dance floor after one too many G&Ts, but if you’re going to be spending time in a cold church or ceremony, the last thing you want is to be turning a lovely shade of grey under your spray tan. You need to find a balance. Light, and comfortable, but also easily matched with a coat.

In this round up, I wanted to find comfortable dresses. Dresses that would fit the chicken-or-beef-large-slab-of-cake-and-champagne fun of the day. Dresses that would allow you to do the Macarena or even Rock the Boat at 3am. Dresses that would make you feel like your best self. The fact that this is me turning my online shopping journey for a dress for a wedding into a post is neither here nor there.

The Maje Dress

Maje Printed Asymmetric Dress

I used to work for Sandro, many moons ago, so Maje (Sandro’s sister label) and Sandro itself are two favourite’s for me. I’ve owned some of my pieces from there for six or seven years, and still wear them to death. In an ideal world, and a more environmentally friendly one, a dress you buy for a weddingisn’t a one-wear-wonder. I could definitely see myself wearing this more than once. I think you could dress it down with boots and a leather jacket, or dress up with heels and amazing earrings. I’ve actually already tried this on in my hunt for a dress and I think it’s more flattering in person if I’m honest. Not the cheapest at €225, but insanely comfortable. Like, weirdly so.

Maje Printed Asymmetric Dress €225

The Topshop Dress

Topshop Snake Jacquard Midi Dress

You can’t go wrong with a little Topshop number and this one at €68 is very reasonable.I’m not sure if everyone would agree this is a wedding appropriate dress. I personally think it is if you dress it correctly. Minimal make up and jewellery, nothing loud that’s going to complete with the dress. I’ve also tried this one on, and while it’s a little low cut (nothing a few strategic stitches wouldn’t fix), it’s also really nice on. Comfortable,  and easy to wear. I feel it’s important to note, the leg slit is nowhere near that high. I would have said the top of the slit is several inches lower than shown in this image here, and totally wedding appropriate.

Topshop Snake Effect Jacquard Midi Dress €68

The Michael Kors Dress

Michael Kors Off the Shoulder Ribbed Stretch Knit Dress

I used to be allergic to Michael Kors. Honestly. There was a time when I was selling accessories in a department store, and I couldn’t escape Michael Kors. I felt like everyone had one of those damn bags. They were everywhere. It’s taken me years (genuinely about 5 years) to look at the Michael Kors logo without feel angry. Anyway, I digress. This dress is one of those classic dresses you’ll be able to pull out for numerous events. I know I said at the start of this post that none of the dresses would be tight, but, this is jersey fabric, which makes me think it will be flattering and comfortable. The off the shoulder is a favourite look of mine, and the simple ruffle at the bottom makes all the difference.

Michael Kors Off-the-shoulder ribbed stretch dress €215

The Reformation Dress

Reformation Hedi Dress

I’m a big fan of Reformation. Not only do they create beautiful pieces, but they do so in asustainable way. Responsible fashion is the best type of fashion after all. If you’re looking for dresses worthy of an occasion, then you need to check out there site. Elegant, while also being sexy, gorgeous colours, beautiful fabrics. What’s not to love? I’m loving this dress, the Hedi, in Crimson. A beautiful red colour that you can definitely wear again over the Christmas season (yes it’s early to be dropping that ‘C’ word, but here we are). A simple, gorgeous winner of a dress that also comes in Navy and Praline.

Reformation Hedi Dress $278/€240

The Sandro Dress

Sandro Dress with Scarf Print

As I mentioned earlier, I used to work for Sandro, so I know it’s a relatively good bet when it comes to pieces for weddings. I tried on this stunning scarf print dress in this incredible colour over the weekend. I will say, I think you need to be on the taller side of things if you’re going to wear this dress. It was wearing me rather than me wearing it if you get me. But I can totally see this being incredible on someone a little taller. It’s weighty in a comfortable way and the pattern is just so interesting. Great dress because you’ll need to do very little in terms of accessories, hair etc. Just throw on and go.

Sandro Scarf Print Dress €295

Iris & Ink

Iris & Ink Dress

Let’s just get one thing straight, weddings are expensive. You don’t want to be spending a lot of money on top of all the other things that a wedding brings. That’s why looking on The Outnet is definitely worth your time. I’ve spent half the weekend putting items in my Outnet basket. There’s hundreds of wedding appropriate dress on there, and this Iris & Ink one definitely caught my eye. The sleeves are what do it for me I think, that slightly bell shaped sleeve mirrors the silhouette of the dress in such a lovely way. The colour is absolutely stunning too. While it’s not a stretchy fabric, the joys of wearing satin, as long as it’s not super tight on you, I do think this would be a really comfortable dress to wear to a wedding.

Iris & Ink Britney Asymmetric Satin Midi Dress €164

The Mango Dress

Mango Long Chiffon Gown

There’s something floaty and etherial about this dress. Soft chiffon blowing in the breeze. Easy to wear, perfect for a wintery wedding and the full length means that you are able to sneakily wear flats and no one will know. Dream. The sleeves on this dress are what sold me. That and the fact that it looks like you could eat seven slices of wedding cake and still have room to be comfortable. If it were me, I would pair this dress with big ass gold earrings, nice contrast against the floatiness, and simple hair and make up and call it a day. Sometimes the more simple looks are the most striking. Word to the wise, this will be a tricky dress to wear in rainy/snowy conditions. Make sure to hitch it up so that you don’t get waterlogged.

Mango Chiffon Gown €99.99 (so €100 basically)

This is a pretty short list of dresses. When I started this post I thought I would have an never ending list of beautiful dresses to choose from. But this is the reality. Nice, comfortable, non-bodycon dresses, suitable for a wedding, aren’t so easy to come by! If you guys have any recommendations of stores or websites I might have missed, then please let me know in the comments down below!


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