Style, Shoes and Social Media

I actually cannot tell you how many hours I have lost to Pinterest, Lyst and Instagram. Seriously, its a problem!

I find all three of these site, or apps as I’m usually on my phone when I check them out, amazing for style inspiration. Whether its model street style, or a designer or just someone with an amazing look, you’re always guaranteed to find something that appeals to you.

I’m sure all of you know Pinterest. Its an amazing site and so versatile. I have been a Pinterest obsessive now for quite a while! I’m just as bad with pinning food as I am with clothes and style inspiration. Hopefully you can find something interesting in my boards too.

Lyst is an amazing site that one of my best friends Becky introduced me too. Its essentially a catalogue of amazing clothes by every designer and shop you can think of. You can add clothes of collections to your Lyst and it shows you the price, any reductions and whether its sold out or not. Genius! I haven’t caught up with my Lyst in a while so I think I’ll have to have a good look tonight.

Finally Instagram is a great way to find out about new trends and even competitions that different brands are having. I follow bloggers such as Rumi Neely, Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni, and brands such as Topshop and J Brands. I haven’t posted many photos for this blog’s Instagram yet, but I promise to post many more in the future!

So where do you all find your style inspiration? x

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