August Vibes

So is it autumn now or….?

I definitely feel that in the last few months I’ve started making more of an effort to do fun things in Dublin. So often I complain about there being nothing to do, when in reality, there is literally something on in Dublin every single weekend. Seriously. In the last month I’ve been to the outdoor cinema to see Wall E, the Bray Airshow, the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Longitude, countless brunches, drinks on the rooftop of the Marker, a summer bbq in the Dylan… I guess it’s all about the effort you put into doing things.

I feel like because of my injury and the lack of trips I’ve been on because of it (thanks a lot knee), I’ve made more of an effort to do things that are a little more feasible for me. Saying that, I’ve definitely seen an improvement thanks to countless hours of physio, so watch this space for an upcoming trip!



I have the sudden, overwhelming urge, to bake brownies. I bake a lot, cakes, meringues, cookies, anything unhealthy and covered in chocolate really. The brownies I make are my sister’s favourite. Everything else I make, she can take or leave really. But these brownies are ‘it’ to her. And I get it, they’re gooey and chewy and have a crunchy top and a serious amount of chocolate.

I’m basically craving them now! Brb, going to bake.


Images via Google and Bleeding Cool 

Two movies on my radar at the moment are Girls Trip and Atomic Blonde. They couldn’t be more different in that one is a comedy, and one is an action movie. Girls Trip has been getting amazing reviews and there’s been so much talk about it on Twitter. If you haven’t seen Tiffany Haddish tell Jimmy Kimmel about her trip to the everglades with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, go Google it now. She is beyond hilarious!

I actually saw the trailer for Atomic Blonde a few months ago when I was seeing another movie. Aside from the fact that I just love Charlize Theron, it looks like a really stylish action movie. Definitely on my list to see.

Going to

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 09.09.17.png

Image via Happenings

I have clearly got movies on the brain at the moment! After enjoying the outdoor showing of Wall E a few weeks ago, my friends and I decided that we should go again. This Friday (weather dependant because Dublin hasn’t realised that it’s still supposed to be nice out), we’re going to see an outdoor showing of Dirty Dancing. Not to be a cliche, but I freaking love this movie! The soundtrack is amazing, and of course we all look forward to that final dance sequence. Dirty Dancing, outside, with my friends, drinking wine on a Friday, what could be better?!

As I mentioned earlier, I was at the Vodafone Comedy festival on Sunday, and it was brilliant. It’s kind of like movies, I remember how much I enjoy going to them once I’m there! Last August I was in Edinburgh for Fringe Festival, so to make sure I get my laughs in this year, I’m planning on heading to The International one Friday after work. In case you don’t know, the International in Dublin is a brilliant spot for comedy. Above the pub, there is a room which fits maybe 50 people, max. You all pile in for a very intimate, hilarious night of comedy. As it’s a small venue, lots of comedians practice their new material there. It’s a brilliant night, guaranteed to get a few laughs!



How much do I love long weekends? A whole bunch. The opportunity to lie in for an extra day is beyond enjoyable. I really thinks we need to move to a four day working week. The weekend goes far too quickly with only two days!

This long weekend, I think I’m going to Disco Brunch in Farrier & Draper. As you know, I love a good brunch. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with my girls, have some good food and drinks and just chill out, safe in the knowledge that you’re not working the next day. Bliss.


Ok, I know everyone’s still in the summer mode, and I know how annoying it is that stores are stocking all their new coats while we’re all walking around melting from the humidity. I know, I know. But, I’ve seen about ten pairs of boots that I want. Don’t hate me! It’s just such a novelty for me to be able to wear heels again, and I’ve always been a boot enthusiast.

I’ll just leave these pairs that I’ve seen here for you to peruse, either now, or when you’re willing to entertain the thought of autumn.


& Other Stories Starry Boot  |  Topshop Barley Suede Boots  |  Dr. Marten’s Kensington Burgundy Boots  |  Zara Sateen Navy Boots  |  Tod’s Gomma Chelsea Boot


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 09.20.31

Image via Mumbrella

Game of Thrones. That’s basically all that I’m watching at the moment. Apart from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, but that goes without saying. I watched episode three last night and oh my. That Cersai is quite the character isn’t she?! I won’t say anymore because I don’t need a gang of angry people screaming “SPOILER” at me. But if you haven’t been watching Game of Thrones, first, where have you been? And second, start watching it.



Dublin weather to just be nice and let us all enjoy this autumn/summer month in peace. I’m getting tired of carrying an umbrella along with sunglasses ‘just in case’.



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