Karlie Kloss Krush

Karlie Kloss is a favourite model of mine. I think its because she always looks so happy and like she’s enjoying herself. The camera adores her and I’ve yet to see a photo of her that I don’t like. She is killing it in all sorts of gorgeous denim in The Edit. The black and white photo – perfection. The girl arches a brow like no other.


karlie-kloss-jeans-shoot4 karlie-kloss-jeans-shoot2

Karlie is also rocking the Beyonce ‘Drunk In Love’ hair. It looks like the wet look bob is going to be a trend this coming season. I have to say I love it. It looks so fresh and different and gives bobs a lovely texturised look.

karlie-kloss-jeans-shoot1 karlie-kloss-jeans-shoot3


Karlie states in the interview:

“My best advice I’ve been given is to soak it all in as much as I can. This is a marathon, not a sprint”

Wise words for sure. My Karlie crush lives on!



Photo Credit: The Edit

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