Topshop is truly Unique

You will all know by now that I am a massive Topshop fan. Look at any one of my posts and I’m sure you’ll find a Topshop item. Not only am I a fan of their clothing, but also of their pioneering attitude towards catwalk shows and their use of social media. Last season Topshop Unique went a step further than any other catwalk show before them. Hidden cameras allowed online viewers a whole new experience. Now viewers were able to see the view from the catwalk, comment in real time and really feel that they were also part of the show.

This season, Topshop Unique has gone even further.

The video below will give you the best insight into their plans but personally it has made me so excited for this weekend! The inclusion of the Digital Garden in their Oxford Street store makes the show inclusive and allows thousands more people to engage with the content. You can customise outfits as they go down the catwalk, buy the makeup looks, get the music from iTunes and even be in with the chance to win tickets to next seasons show.

Thank you Topshop Unique, for keeping fashion exciting.

So are you as excited for this show as I am? Do you think Topshop will be able to outdo themselves next season? x

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