Monochrome Madness

I hate packing. I am a truly awful packer. Last summer when I moved to Chicago, I had the lightest bag of everyone. This is due to the fact that I literally forgot to pack a silly amount of things. I always panic and think I’m going to be way overweight and so I pack nothing. In the end, I’m way underweight and I could have brought at least 30 other items.

So, in an attempt to combat this, I have started packing for London today. It was all going fine until I realised that so far everything I have picked out is monochrome. Literally every outfit. It looks like I have a fear of colours or something.


So I recently bought a few new things which I figure I may as well share with you as they are in my monochrome phase. The first are my new leather pants from River Island. I have been looking for a nice pair of leather pants forever! Seriously, they are really hard to find. I thing I cracked it with this pair though. Comfortable, not too tight in the legs and an amazing price tag. I definitely recommend checking out the River Island site for these.


My Celfie tee arrived this morning! I spotted this tee a while ago on Sincerely Jules and really loved it and then last week I just decided to order it. The cotton is super soft and comfortable. The tee is a little long on me, due to the fact that I’m a shortie, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to work around it.


Even the first piece of jewellery I thought of packing is black! What is wrong with me? This gorgeous collar is from COS, one of my absolute favourite shops. Think Celine-like looks with an affordable price tag and thats COS in a nut shell. This collar is 100% leather and adds an unexpected look to a simple outfit. I love it!


Finally, I’m going to show you one of my favourite items I have ever owned. A beautiful, butter soft, leather skirt from Sandro. I have had this skirt for two years and I still adore it. Sandro is a beautiful French label that I used to work for in Brown Thomas. They have an incredibly high standard of quality clothing. This skirt is one of my favourite piece I own from the label. I’ll do a post soon where I’ll showcase all my favourite Sandro items.20130911-113004.jpg

So I have the monochrome trend covered anyway! Whats more, as I typed this I looked down and what colour is my manicure?

Of course. White.


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