Pop, Fizz, Clink

This past weekend, I headed to Killashee House Hotel to celebrate my lovely friend Rebecca’s hen party. I have know Rebecca for years as we were in ballet classes together from a young age. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the country with ballet together and our antics in Friday lessons always made me laugh. I was so happy to go along and celebrate her upcoming wedding with the lovely Ger.

IMG_2097-1 IMG_2098

If you’ve never been there, Killashee House is gorgeous! It’s really close to Dublin, about a 45 minute drive, and is set on lovely grounds complete with a leisure centre and spa. I went down to Killashee with Rebecca and one of her bridesmaids Sarah. After checking into our rooms, we headed down to the conservatory to have afternoon tea hosted by Rebecca’s mom. I ate my weight in toffee cake and drank a whole load of champagne – my kind of afternoon tea!

IMG_2109IMG_2107 IMG_2106

Afterwards, we headed to the spa for some treatments. I had my nails done as they have been majorly neglected over the last while. The spa was insanely busy that afternoon, so by the time I was finished, I had about 40 minutes to get ready for dinner. Typical me. Even when I think I’m going to have plenty of time to get ready, I still end up rushing!


I bought this jumpsuit in New Look last week and I love it. It also comes in white which I’m definitely going to buy too. I actually couldn’t tell you the last time I went into New Look, I don’t even know why I went in last week but I’m glad I did! It’s fitted in the bodice and has these awesome flared cropped pants. I love simple outfits like that which require minimal effort! I left my hair loose and wavy and put on a dark lipstick to complement my dark nails.


Before dinner, we all headed to Rebecca’s mom’s suite for some pre dinner champagne. Back when we were younger, Rebecca was cast as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in our annual ballet school show. Rebecca’s mom and sister had themed the whole hen party around Alice and Wonderland. It all started with our afternoon tea, complete with Queen of Hearts place cards and china cups. Then the suite had been decorated with trays of macaroons, chocolates, bottles of lemonade with ‘Drink Me’ tags, pages from the story of Alice in Wonderland. It was so cute! We even got little suitcases each filled with a hen party survival kit. Love it!

IMG_2135 IMG_2134-1IMG_2137-1 IMG_2142

We then had the most amazing three course meal. I was too busy stuffing my face to take the time to take photos of the meal, but Rebecca, who has her own amazing blog called The Peppermint Dolly, took some amazing snaps so I will link you to her post when she puts it up. After some amazing cocktails, we headed back to the suite for more champagne and lots of stories. Being the treat lover that I am, I had brought some doughnuts with white icing and sprinkles. They made a pretty awesome late night snack!


The next morning after a big breakfast, we headed to Kildare Village for a little bit of shopping. Rebecca and I bought the same cute Calvin Klein pyjama shorts which I have quickly become obsessed with. I also bought a Lulu Guinness purse which I’m loving.


It was such a lovely weekend. So great to catch up with Rebecca and her family, future family and other friends. I literally can’t wait for the wedding now!


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