Birthday Girl

It was recently my birthday, as you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram. From the moment I woke up, to when I went to sleep, I was getting calls, texts, mails, posts, pictures, collages, cards, videos from around the world, and a lot of love sent my way. I think birthdays are a beautiful reminder of all the amazing people that you are lucky to have in your life.


I have had my eye on the Celine Trio for what seems like forever but is possibly more like two years. You may have spotted me raving about it on my Currently Coveting page. I’ve picked it up, nearly bought it, I’ve tried it on in various Celine stores around the world, but I’ve never followed through. This year I decided to make the whole “What will we get you for your birthday” thing easier for my family. Easy – vouchers so that I can finally buy my Celine. I finally got it the day after my birthday and I’m in love. I’m so happy I decided to wait because I know that I love it and I won’t get tired of it. The girls in the Celine in Brown Thomas were so lovely and I practically skipped out of the shop afterwards.

IMG_2265 FullSizeRender-47

My lovely family also got me a beautiful Isabel Marant necklace that I had my eye on for a while. I love the Hansa symbol, so that with the delicate gold chain means I don’t imagine I’ll be taking off this necklace anytime soon! I also got a really lovely pair of espadrilles from Aldo that will be perfect for my next adventure – which is very soon!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.19.11FullSizeRender-51

At the weekend, a few of us went to San Lorenzo’s for brunch. If you live in Dublin and haven’t been to San Lorenzos – why not?! If you live abroad and you ever come to Dublin – go here! Delicious food, awesome cocktails and amazing music. Did I mention the Nutella cheesecake? After a lovely brunch and catch up there was a few moments of embarrassment for me as the happy birthday song played out over the restaurant. My friends enjoyed me going red in the face far too much!


I had such a lovely birthday and am very grateful for all the love that was sent my way. Here’s to the next birthday!



Pictures: Greta, Sarah, Jenny and Aisling xx


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  1. Love this! I’m so glad you had such a super time – also, yes for Celine and I completely love your Marant necklace!!


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