Perfectly Pink

  Apologies for the lack of posting recently. Between starting a new job, college exams and assignments and having a charity event to finalise, I’m pretty busy! But things are calming down a bit now so I should be back on track soon!

So we all remember how popular pink was back in the London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks in September. Suddenly there was pink everywhere, and I for one was delighted. A little pink can go a long way towards perking up you look and your mood. Whether its clothing, accessories, or a beauty product, it can make all the difference to an outfit. I think we’re going to see even more pink now that its February and coming into spring.


I’ve gathered some of my favourite pink clothes and products to share with you today. Turns out I have a lot of pink things that I love. I’ve included my lovely Topshop jumper with animal print. It’s a great one to wear when its raining and gross out. You can stay cosy without resorting to black. The pink dress is from Miss Guided. You cant see much of it here but I’m sure I’ll wear it soon enough and post about it. The crop top may be a little premature as its still so cold but I’m so excited to wear it again for summer! It’s really cute and comfortable and I love the colours and print.


I have quite a lot of pink beauty products that I love. First is Nars blush stick called Orgasm. It gives a lovely glow to the skin and is really easy to blend with foundation. The pink lip liner is one I use all the time from the Topshop make up collection. Its an amazing vibrant colour and stays on my lips really well. The lipsticks are all MAC, I’m addicted to their colours! From the top is Party Parrot, Pleasure Bomb from the Rihanna collection and Snob. All big favourites of mine and all worn at least once a week. The nail varnish is Nails Inc, St. James Park. Perfect for the summer when you have a tan. I’m also loving Rimmel’s nail polish, Ring a Ring O’ Roses (not pictured). Its a lovely soft pink and goes with almost everything. Finally there is Benefits Dandelion Ultra Plush lip gloss. A great colour for everyday.


Have you become as addicted to pink as I have?!

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