Halloween ’14 – Carrie Bradshaw

This is the ultimate easy costume. If you are a last minute Sally, like me, and you have a tulle skirt lying around then you are golden! A pretty skirt like the one below with a pink cami, silver belt and some killer shoes and you’re set! How incredible are the Aquazzara & Olivia Palermo shoes below! Carrie’s outfit in the opening credits of Sex in the City is easily one of the most iconic outfits of the show, it even got shown in the first movie. It’s a simple, but really effective costume.

halloween 20halloween 22

halloween 31 halloween 24 IMG_7153


Once your outfit is sorted, the next thing you need to do is your hair and make up. Make up is simple, think blusher, brows and a little lipstick. Your hair needs volume and curl. Ideally you could use heated rollers to give your hair the volume and curl that is needed. If you are lucky enough to have heated rollers, do your hair first and while it’s working it’s magic, you can be doing your make up and getting ready. If you don’t have rollers, curl your hair and backcomb it to add some volume. Once you’ve got the Bradshaw Bounce in your hair, take a section at the front of your head and pin it back. Not too tight, just enough to keep it off your face. A little hair spray and you should be good to go!

I hope you’re enjoying my Halloween posts! Check out my other costume options – Audrey Hepburn, Vampire, Leopard, Skeleton and Greek Goddess!



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