Halloween ’14 – Choupette

You know the drill. Halloween comes around, you haven’t given a moments thought to your costume. You were busy, work was insane, you had a deadline, you had to catch up on Scandal. Whatever. You go to your wardrobe, throw on some black clothes, paint on some whiskers and boom – you’re a cat/kitten/Cat Woman. Who cares, Halloween costume dilemma sorted.

This year instead of reaching for all black, how about you try an all white ensemble. The result? You are now Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat and the first kitty of fashion. ‘Cause why be a basic cat when you can be Choupette? Ashley Madekwa is obviously the inspiration for this post. Such a genius costume. Extra points if you can get a friend to dress up as Karl!

halloween 43halloween 44halloween 46halloween 47halloween 45

halloween 49halloween 48

I love the fluffy ears up above, obviously they are not the ideal cat shape but a little careful trimming and you should be good to go. Instead of the cat lead that Ashley used, I’m loving this iridescent choker as a collar! For those that haven’t a clue who Choupette is, just pretend you’re one of those cats from the Aristocrats. If they don’t know the Aristocrats movie or Choupette, then walk away! Glossy hair, pink lips and manicured nails will complete this awesome look.

halloween 50

If you’re not feeling the Choupette vibes, then I have plenty of other inspiration for you! Audrey Hepburn, Vampire, Greek Goddess, Skeleton, Carrie Bradshaw and Leopard are all great options!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Halloween posts and have found some inspiration from them! Happy Halloween to you all – have a fun, sugar filled, safe, stylish night!



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