Get the London Look

1. Luminous Skin

Stunning skin was the order of the day as most designers went for the flawless finish with a dewy tone to it. There was little in the way of contouring as the focus went on achieving luminous skin with a slight pink, rosy glow to it. The end result was effortless, natural beauty.

Erdem makeup lfw 2    zoe jordan lfw make up 2

l'wren scott make up lfw    topshop unique lfw make up 2

2. Eye Spy

Eyes had quite a lot of definition with many designers using lots of black liner. PPQ had a soft lavender eyeshadow, Burberry went for an English Rose look with a pinky eye. Topshop Unique went for a heavily defined eye with plenty of black liner under the eye almost creating an cat eye effect.

topshop lfw make up    zoe jordan lfw make up

PPQ make up lfw    burberry lfw make up

3. Taking out the Talons

Nails were totally different ends of the spectrum. On the one hand there were simple, neatly manicured nails in white or gold with silver, as seen in Topshop Unique. Then there were the talons! Long, pointed nails with elaborate designs and bold colours as seen at House of Holland and PPQ. Personally I can’t function with super long nails but I do think they look pretty amazing!

Erdem makeup lfw    topshop unique lfw make up 3

house of holland nails lfw    PPQ Nails lfw 2

4. Lived in Locks

Almost all shows featured the lived in, bed head hair look. At Christopher Kane they said that all they were doing was washing the models hair and letting it dry naturally. Topshop Unique also went for the lived in look stating that they wanted the models to look as if they had slept on the beach all night and woken up with their hair looking that way. House of Holland went for gorgeous smooth waves, giving off a very polished and glamorous look.

burberry make up lfw    christopher kane lfw hair

topshop lfw make up 2    house of holland hair lfw

PPQ hair lfw

5. Lovely Lips

Lips were generally nude in colour with a light pink tint or as close to the natural lip colour as possible. This was probably to reflect the luminous skin look. Elsewhere there was gorgeous red lips in cherry colours proving that red lips are not just for winter months

house of holland make up lfw    topshop unique lfw make up

mulberry make up lfw       burberry make up lfw 2

So which looks are you going to try to recreate? Personally I’m going to give the luminous skin look a go. Although I may need a little advice from some professionals first! x





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  1. I’d love to just VISIT London.


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