I’ve Got the Eye of a… Leopard

Finally, after 3 days of being cooped up in bed with a horrible cold, I can get back to being normal. I’m not a good patient. I hate the headaches and the sniffles and everyone’s advice on how to get better. Luckily I’m over the worst of it now.

It was a day for new clothes. I had all my lovely London purchases begging for the chance to be worn from my wardrobe. After much deliberating and checking the weather I decided it wasn’t the ideal day to wear leather shorts and so I went with my new leopard print trousers instead.


I have been searching high and low for leopard print trousers for such a long time, much like my hunt for nice leather trousers. All I could find were leggings or jeans, but I wanted a smart, slim fitting, cropped at the ankle pair of trousers. I’m not fussy at all… And finally I found them. They are really comfortable and I think they go well with my new boots which I am also obsessed with. They’d also look great with a nice pump or strappy sandal. I love how versatile they are.


I paired the boots and trousers with this plain black top from Zara because frankly, there’s enough going on with the trousers without adding to it! Jewellery was kept simple. I got this cute bracelet from River Island. Regular readers will notice I seem to get all my jewellery from there! Its so reasonably priced and really on trend. Buying a new piece of jewellery, especially at only €4, makes me happy because it satisfies that shopping craving and updates a look so easily. Whats not to love? You also may have noticed that I have documented my new boots from literally every angle. I can’t help it, I love them so much!



I have finally taught myself how to do a fish tail braid. It was actually pretty simple with the help of the video below. Don’t you just love Lauren Conrad? Whenever I find there’s a hairstyle I can’t do, or a make up look I’m struggling to achieve, a quick search on The Beauty Department will generally help me out. So after watching the video just once, I was able to achieve the fishtail you see here. Its not perfect by any means but I’ll keep practicing. I used some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to give my hair a little texture so the fishtail was a little more lived in.


Hope you liked it! x




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