Hiking to Clear my Head

My mind is all over the place lately. I have a lot going on and a few unexpected things have come up that have sent my mind into overdrive. Ultimately, the decisions are out of my hands, which makes it harder. I find the only way to stop thinking is to get out and do something. So with that in mind, I went for a hike yesterday.

In Ireland, we tend to have a lot of weather that looks beautiful from inside your home, but once you get outside, you realise its actually freezing and that the summer dress you are wearing isn’t going to cut it. I thought it was one of those days yesterday so I wore black stretchy pants and a long sleeved black top with my Barbour jacket and trainers. Perfect hiking gear.

It was not one of those days.

I realised once I reached the beach, and therefore it was too late to turn around and change my clothes, that not only was it warm out, and there was no breeze at all, but it was actually getting warmer. Super. Perfect hiking weather. The only thing for it was to get an ice cream as a pre hiking treat. To give you an idea of scale, the cross on the right is at the top of that hill behind the ice cream. That cross is about 6 metres tall and you can’t see it at all from where I’m standing on the beach.

20130922-105908.jpg    20130922-110004.jpg

So after slogging up the hill in my completely incorrect clothing, feeling far too warm and wishing I had bought a second bottle of water, we finally made it to the top. And the views were well worth the slog. From where we were, we could vaguely see Wales (the country) across the Irish Sea, we could see Wicklow, the Wicklow Mountains, Dalkey Island, down to as far as Howth. Two ladybirds landed on my hand, so we acted pretty quick to get a photo of them! You know, on days like that, Ireland is pretty amazing.

20130922-105944.jpg   20130922-105930.jpg

20130922-110025.jpg   20130922-110034.jpg

My trainers are super comfy and perfect for hiking, walks and running. They’re the Nike Revolution II Women’s Trainers. I couldn’t find them on the Nike site, so they may not make them anymore. Anything similar to these trainers I would recommend as mine have been to hell and back and they are still in great shape.


So I managed to clear my head for a little bit, which can make the world of difference sometimes. Woke up today feeling more positive so hopefully that will keep me going. A more fashion related blog will be coming your way soon as I turn my focus to Milan!

Have a lovely day x

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