All Blue Everything

Yesterday was a big sporting  day in Ireland. It was the All Ireland Gaelic Football Final. For those of you that don’t know, gaelic football is an Irish sport that is a mix between soccer and handball. Dublin beat Mayo by a point to become the winners of this years competition. So of course, my friends and I had to go out an celebrate Dublin’s win as we live in Dublin! Dublin’s jersey’s colours are blue so I wore this blue cami from Topshop, my black JBrand jeans, boots and my sisters denim jacket. It was a pretty casual night. We knew that a lot of the people who would be out would have been at the match and would be dressed casually, so we didn’t want to go too dressed up. 

20130923-212338.jpg    20130923-212349.jpg

The usual jewellery, a mix of River Island, Topshop and Accessorize. Even had a little bit of blue in my eye bracelet, I’m such a good supporter! 


I was lucky enough to win free drinks for me and my friends. In this venue, Everleigh Garden, the cocktail comes in a huge watering can with lots of fruit and super long straws! Such a novelty, never gets old though! 


How did you enjoy your weekend? x

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