MFW: The Best Bits

Milan Fashion Week is over and, as always, it was a delight of Italian flair and passion. There are so many big names in Milan Fashion Week; Dolce and Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Versace. Its likely to make your head spin! There are some key trends that I took from Milan Fashion Week that I’d like to share with you. The photos below are from Vogue and I would definitely recommend going through their archives to see the rest of MFW photos.

1. Pink and Punchy

Pink popped up in a variety of shade and fabrics. From deep fuchsias, to blushes, peaches and candy floss colours, pink was big this season. This is a trend that we also saw in London Fashion Week so judging by that it looks like pink will be everywhere soon enough! As I said in my London Fashion Week post, it really is a colour that compliments everyone so look out for your perfect shade of pink for SS 14.

missoni mfwfendi mfw 4

fendi mfw 3giorgio armani mfw 3

giorgio armani mfwgiorgio armani mfw 2

2. Pattern Play

There was some really bold mixing of patterns this season which I love. I think its a great way to show individuality and to mix up your wardrobe. We saw prints and patterns in New York, but Italian designers added their own flair and did more pattern clashing then New York designers. I do believe clashing prints and patterns takes a certain amount of confidence but there’s no reason why, with the right look, that everybody can’t pull this off. Its perfect to add fun to your wardrobe.

emilio pucci mfw 2dolce and gabbana mfw 10

fendi mfw 7emporio armani mfw

fendi mfw 6dolce and gabbana mfw 4

3. Rock Chick

Milan, like New York, embraced the all black ensemble. But where New York had more of a understated, simple approach to the black outfits, Milan was pure rock and roll. The clothes gave off that rock chick vibe with their leather, embellishment, bold reds and textures. Emilio Pucci did this to the greatest effect I feel with his leather and bright prints, see the second photo with Joan Smalls. Personally, I love the rock chick look, I think its easy to recreate and can be perfect as a day time or night time outfit.

dolce and gabbana mfw 8emilio pucci mfw

roberto cavalli mfw 4dolce and gabbana mfw 9

versace mfw 2fendi mfw 5

4. Fresh Florals

As we saw in London Fashion week, florals are here to stay. Dolce and Gabbana had a very literal take on the trend, with hundreds of fabric flowers adorning many of the outfits on their catwalk. This added a fluidity and movement to the dresses that I loved. While I’m not sure how wearable these are in a day to day sense, I do think they could make a great addition to your wardrobe, potentially for a special event.

emporio armani mfw 2dolce and gabbana mfw 2

dolce and gabbana mfwdolce and gabbana mfw 3

5. White Wash

We can definitely see recurring themes now between the fashion weeks as Milan also took on the all white trend similar to New York Fashion Week.  Both were fairly similar with their use of mostly clean lines and lace however, Milan featured a little more layering as seen in the first photo at Roberto Cavalli. Still fresh, still clean and still super wearable. All white outfits are here to stay.

roberto cavalli mfw 3roberto cavalli mfw 2

just cavalli mfwjil sander mfw

6. Gold Rush

This was a trend mostly left for the opulent catwalk at Dolce and Gabbana. I loved it so much I just had to mention it! I thought the use of various shades of gold from yellow gold to more muted tones was very clever and gave dimension to the show. This is the trend to follow if you want to be a show stopper. Very glamourous and over the top, but a much loved trend all the same. I fully expect to see these dresses popping up at award shows for the next couple of months.

dolce and gabbana mfw 5dolce and gabbana mfw 6

dolce and gabbana mfw 7

So that’s all from Milan. All that’s left is Paris Fashion Week and then its all over until February. Keep an eye out for my coming post focusing on the make up looks for Milan x

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