Make Up from Milan

Milan had a beautiful, romantic soft vibe when it came to beauty this season. Most designers featured a soft smoldering eye, wispy hair, a blush lip and very lightly flushed skin. Obviously there were exceptions but on the whole, that was the vibe I got from MFW. Having gone through the best bits of Milan fashion, as always, following a fashion week, I will go through the top five aspects of the beauty looks: hair, eyes, lips, skin and nails.

1. Lovely Locks

The hair at many of the shows had a sleek look to it, but it was a deconstructed sleekness. Hair had a certain wispy-ness to it, with a lived in natural feel. Many designers had a sleek crown to the hair which then relaxed into natural loose tresses. The exception to this was Dolce and Gabbana, who had lovely buns with soft hair around the face adorned with gold coins, jewelled headbands, garlands of flowers and leaves. It was very beautiful and very Dolce and Gabbana.

gucci hair and make up mfw 2dolce and gabbana hair and make up mfw 3

emilio pucci hair and make up mfw 2marni hair and make up mfw

2. Perfect Peepers

Eyes at Milan had two distinct looks; soft colour either muted or bright surrounding the eye, or the heavily lined with black liner eye creating a move defined look. Both are very wearable and relatively easy to recreate. Personally, I do like something in between the two, but for the catwalk, these looks were perfect to finishing off the outfits.

gucci hair and make up mfwprada hair and make up mfw 2

versace hair and make up mfwmissoni hair and make up mfw

3. Soft Nude Lip

This look completely dominated the catwalk. Every model had a pink/peach natural nude lip. Every single one. All the lipsticks were different in order to complement skin tones. It seems that designers were happy to give hair and eyes the focus over lips this season.

fendi hair and make up mfwprada hair and make up mfw

 roberto cavalli hair and make up mfwdolce and gabbana hair and make up mfw 2

4. Soft Blush Skin

Skin had a few variations across the different shows. Some had quite matte skin with a simple finish, others were more contoured with more of a glow. Dolce and Gabbana featured a more flushed look, using blush across the brow working into the hair line. All of it was flawless and beautiful complementing the soft lip and the eyes.

emilio pucci hair and make up mfwjil sander hair and make up mfw

dolce and gabbana hair and make up mfwgiorgio armani hair and make up mfw

5. Nails

Nails across the board were of a neat manicured length, no talons like we saw at LFW! Similarly to lips, most nails were either nude or natural or a very light pink. Some designers did move away from this though as we can see below with the fuchsia nails at Stella Jean (last photo) or the navy nails we saw at Armani in the first photo. Myself, I’ve been wearing nude nails for quite a while now as I feel they look very polished and clean

armani nails mfw 2Blugirl nails mfw

armani nails mfwstella jean nails mfw

That’s all from Milan! Which beauty looks will you be recreating from MFW? x

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