Grey Matter

I cannot shake this icky cold at all. It’s very annoying. Stuck in bed all day sniffing, sneezing and coughing. Not nice. For the most part I’ve been cooped up in bed drinking herbal teas, eating toast and watching Homeland.


Not today however. Today I have to go to college. More specifically, I have to go to my evening class from 6 to 9.30. I have a feeling my classmates are going to hate me and my sneezing by the end of it! I decided to keep it super casual and cosy for class tonight. I’m wearing my black J Brands with a soft grey sweater from Vero Moda, my silver leather Converse and my brand new grey coat from Forever 21. I love this coat! It’s roomy, cosy and goes with everything. I know I’m going to be throwing on this coat with everything this winter.






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