KL for Kaybee

I bought this Karl Lagerfeld shirt back in the spring and for a while I wore it a lot. It was so comfortable and easy for work but still looked really put together.  Over the summer though, I never wore it. I do that sometimes. I completely stop wearing something for a bit. I think its so that when I do start wearing it again, it feels like its new. Which is exactly how it feels today.

20131101-151926.jpg    20131101-151932.jpg

The shirt has sheer panels down the front and then the back is completely sheer. It work I used to wear a white or black cami underneath to make it more work appropriate. Going out I usually wear a bandeau or something interesting underneath that can be seen through the sheer panels. I wore it with a white bandeau, my leather pants and boots today (monochrome as usual!). I’ve been pretty bad at accessorising lately, I either forget to put stuff on or I’m just too lazy. Today I have a bit of arm candy with my Asos watch and then an assortment of bracelets.



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