Beautiful Beach

I love the beach. There’s something so relaxing about the sound of the waves. We headed down to one of the beaches in Wicklow and it was so nice. Perfect skies, nice sunshine, loads of waves and people surfing. It was perfect.

20131104-110658.jpg  20131104-110646.jpg

As you can see, I was really wrapped up! Lots and lots of layers. Its one of my favourite things about winter, the opportunity to wear layers. I wore my new Forever 21 coat, as seen in a previous post, my cosy Zara scarf, and my River Island boots. I was so wrapped up I didn’t even feel the cold!


The result of my handiwork below!


These lovely photos are all thanks to my boyfriend who somehow manages to take the most amazing photos on camera phones. Its a talent that I am seriously envious of! After our walk, we made some lovely homemade Thai food and watched The Shining, which I will never watch again! A perfect Sunday.



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