Tuesday Tune

This weeks song is one of my happy songs. Back in April of last year I was finishing off my thesis. I had been working really hard on it for the past 6 months and it was nearly done. I figured out that if I spent one solid day working on it, I could finish my thesis and hand it in before the deadline. So I set up camp in my kitchen, surrounded by Red Bull and food, put on my headphones and got to work. 27 hours later I was done. I hadn’t slept at all and felt like crap but I had finished. To this day, I maintain the reason I managed to do that is because of this song. Every time I felt like stopping or that my brain was going to explode, I just played this song again.

‘Feel the Love’ instantly makes me feel happy. I love the music, John Newman’s voice, the lyrics, the video, everything basically! Rudimental have gone on to release some amazing songs. There isn’t a single Rudimental song that I don’t like. But ‘Feel the Love’ is without a doubt, my favourite. If you’re looking for a feel good song to start your day, look no further.


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