Festive Features

Christmas time is definitely a time when retailers and their marketing managers get a little creative. It ranges from the humorous to the heartwarming and everything in between. I’ve decided to show you some of my favourite Christmas advertisements from some of the biggest retailers around. Prepare to laugh and cry!

I think this ad really captures the magic of Christmas, although any ad with plenty of Christmas lights is a winner in my eyes!

Harvey Nichols tend to go down the route of humour as opposed to the usual theme of happiness and giving. Sometimes controversial, but always pretty funny! Last year was one of my favourite so far.

Boots always do something cute and I love the way they show different families, different relationships, even having loved ones in a foreign country. Great song by Elton John and it still works despite not being a Christmas tune.

I love the animation in this Winters Tale from Cartier. Its super cute and I love the way their panther always features.

I know this one isn’t for a clothing or beauty retailer but I love it all the same. So simple and effective. Not to be a big softie but it just shows the best part about Christmas, is having the people you love around you.

My favourite! This one always makes me cry. The song is so lovely and perfectly sang by Lily Allen. Simple, effective and heartwarming.

P.S – Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American readers. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!


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