The Gift of Giving

The real Christmas countdown has begun! I realise I was a little premature with my Christmas spirit in previous posts but now that its December, Christmas festivities are in full swing. You may have seen my post earlier this week about my Christmas Wishlist, but to be honest, I prefer giving gifts at Christmas than receiving them. There’s something so lovely about seeing someone love what you get them or giving a gift that someone really wanted, its addictive!

For this post, I’m going to focus on gift ideas. There’s so many great ideas out there and it doesn’t have to cost a lot or be fancy. Just showing someone you put in the time and effort is enough. Last year for my mom, dad and two sisters, I made each of them a personalised gift box. I got gift boxes and wrapped them in really nice paper. It was a lot of gold and glitter and colours, they looked great under the tree. Then I filled the boxes with tissue paper and wrapped their gifts in tissue paper as well. I just got each of them some small nice gifts, like the golf book my dad wanted, or the lipstick my sister had her eye on. Just showing that you kept in mind their favourite things shows how much you care.

20131122-153121.jpg   20131122-153133.jpg

I’m going to do those gift boxes again this year as they were such a big hit last year. Once I have I’ll put up photos here. Lots of shops have great gifting ideas if you look around. One of the best I have seen is Topshop’s ‘Dear Topshop‘ idea. They have an online generator on their site and on their app which brings up different gift options depending on your criteria. Basically its a gift generator and you should definitely check it out!


Urban Outfitters also have a great gift selection. Lots of quirky, original gifts like embellished phone cases, photo albums and Alexa Chungs ‘It’ book. Their gifts are split into three sections; womens, mens and homeware. I recommend checking all of them out! Some great pieces in there that will make someone smile.

20131122-153145.jpg   20131122-153151.jpg

Some department stores worth checking out from all around the world: Nordstrom’s Pop in Holiday Gifts have some great original gifts for you to look at. They’re selling out pretty quickly already so make sure you give yourself time. I loved looking at Harrod’s Ultimate Gifts list. The prices aren’t cheap, but its fun to look and make an ‘If I won the Lottery’ list! Brown Thomas has some great gifts, I would recommend checking out their Marvel Room for unique gifts. I’m loving their selection of Jo Malone gift sets. I’ve worn Jo Malone perfume since I was eighteen and always get amazing compliments because of it.


I hope I’ve provided you with a little direction and inspiration for Christmas Gifts this year. I’ll continue to watch out for great gift ideas in the run up to Christmas and I’ll be sure to post them on Twitter or Instagram for you all. If you need any more inspiration, I have a Pinterest board packed with food, wrapping and decoration ideas. Hopefully you’ll find the inspiration you need!


Photo Sources: Pinterest

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