Couture Week

You may have seen my over-excited post about Chanel earlier this week, or have seen my love for the Elie Saab show on Facebook. Couture week is now over, and all we’re left with is hundreds on photos to drool over. I loved the Viktor & Rolf collection which saw ballerinas dancing en pointe with the incredible collection draped over them. The clothes left everyone wondering where bodies ended and the garments began. Valentino was an etherial dream and so beautifully intricate. Every thing about it was perfect, the set, the hair and make up, down to the last detail.

There are a tribal feel to Maison Martin Margiela, plenty of clashing prints and bold colours, all topped off with a black gauze mask, complete with bejewelled eyes. Dior was a delicate affair, light chiffon fabrics in pale mint and white glided down the runway. Similar to Chanel, Dior also featured high fashion trainers, a trend that is quickly gathering momentum in the haute couture world.

See some of my favourite looks below, what stood out to you?

00010h_1280x1920 00030h_1280x1920

00050h_1280x1920 00070h_1280x1920

00430h_304x456 00220h_304x456

00480h_304x456 00520h_304x456

00080h_1280x1920 00100h_1280x1920

00120h_1280x1920 00140h_1280x1920

00160h_1280x1920 00230h_1280x1920 (1)

00230h_1280x1920 00250h_1280x1920

00280h_1280x1920 00320h_1280x1920

00370h_1280x1920 00420h_1280x1920

00430h_1280x1920 00470h_1280x1920

00480h_1280x1920 00140h_1280x1920 (1)

00020h_1280x1920 00030h_1280x1920 (1)

00070h_1280x1920 (1) 00080h_1280x1920 (1)

00090h_1280x1920 00140h_1280x1920 (1)

255370093152819071213 (2)

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