Tour Diary: Part Two

So the tour is over for 2014. It was such good fun! The girls are so lovely and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it. We were away for just two nights this time. So the first night I kept it pretty simple. I wore my black Topshop jeans with this pretty silk Sandro t shirt. The little ruffle at the bottom makes it a bit different and I paired it with MAC Lady Danger lipstick and this simple gold necklace.

20140121-193042.jpg  20140121-193100.jpg

That night also happened to by my youngest sister’s 12th birthday. Let me tell you, planning a surprise birthday in a hotel is hard work! I had to sneak the cake down to the kitchen and during dinner we had to run back up to her room to decorate it. There was balloons, streamers and sweets everywhere. I’m so happy we managed to pull it off!

20140121-193109.jpg  20140121-193118.jpg

Lucy was so surprised when the waiter came out with the cake, and probably a little embarrassed by the singing too!

20140121-193148.jpg  20140121-193156.jpg


For the second and final night of the tour, I literally was wearing all Zara, except from my jeans which were J Brands. The shoes I bought about a year ago and are honestly the most comfortable shoes I own. The bag I got for Christmas, and you may remember it from my Christmas Wishlist. The top I bought the other day in the sale for €10! Such a brilliant find!

20140121-193218.jpg  20140121-193225.jpg

Here are my lovely ballet chicas all dressed up for the last night. They really are the sweetest and bought me the nicest bracelet for being their “big sister” on tour.



So that’s it. All done and dusted with the tour and brought back to reality with a bump today. Back to my evening college classes for the first time since Christmas and I started a brand new job today! 2014 is already crazy busy!


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