Barcelona, 2014

Oh god I have been so M.I.A from this for a while! Sorry about that! I was in Barcelona with my family and things have been manic since I returned. We’re back on track now though. I thought I’d show you some pictures from my lovely holiday in Barcelona. It really is such a gorgeous city. I’ve never been before so I was really excited to explore the city, eat some tapas and drink plenty of Mojitos!


Barcelona has so much amazing architecture. We went on a cable car and it was incredible to look out over the city and see the Sagrada Familia, the ocean, the mountains surrounding the city. It’s the most surreal way to see the city in all its glory!




The weather was amazing too, really sunny and warm most days. There was the occasional cloudy afternoon but apart from myself and one of my sisters, my family don’t like spending too much time in the sun so it was perfect for them!




There is the most gorgeous food market in Barcelona. Literally any fruit you can think of, it was there! There was incredible macadamia nuts, wines, cheese, it was paradise! I easily could have spent hours there.




I loved how one minute you would be in a super narrow street, flags hanging from balconies, wondering where on earth you were, and then the next minute you could be by the sea, surrounded by palm trees. The mix of city life and beach life is amazing. It really reminds me of Chicago where the city is right by the sea. The best of both worlds!


We went to the Olympic swimming pool one afternoon. It sits up in the hills, overlooking the entire city. It was such an incredible view while sunbathing. The only thing is there are no deck chairs so you had to lie your towel on the concrete floor. Not very fun after a while, my back was pretty sore the next day!




One of the nights we went out for dinner opposite this stunning cathedral. After dinner we walked out into the square and there was a stage set up with music being played from the 50s through to the 80s! It was such a brilliant night, I was exhausted after all the dancing! Such an incredible backdrop too!


We were lucky to be in Barcelona the same time as the Gracia Festival. This take place in Gracia, a neighbourhood in Barcelona where all the streets would be decorated in a different theme. It was crazy! There was people everywhere and the most bizarre and incredible decorations. My photos don’t do it justice at all. We stumbled upon another concert in a square with amazing acoustic music. If you’re ever planning a trip to Barcelona, plan it to coincide with Gracia festival if you can. It’s definitely worth a visit!




On of my favourite parts of Barcelona, apart from Zara (!) was all the ice cream. I have never had so much sorbet and ice cream in my life! But they were too good to turn down!



So there you have it, my Barcelona trip! It was so lovely to go on a trip with my family. We had such a lovely time in a beautiful city. I would definitely recommend a trip to Barcelona. There is so much to do see, eat, drink and a Zara on every corner, what’s not to love!


I promise there will be a new blog post soon with my outfits from the past few days. Quite a lot of catching up to do but we’ll get there eventually! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!





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