Halloween ’14 – Greek Goddess

A couple of years ago I dressed up as a Greek Goddess and it was honestly such an easy costume! I haven’t done this costume for about 6 years so I’m very tempted to do it again this year. It’s super simple and requires little or no effort. I would say you’ll probably have a lot of the things you need in you closet anyway, and if you don’t just click the pictures below to shop for what you need! This look is all about white and gold and gorgeous curly hair.

halloween 38halloween 24halloween 42halloween 39 halloween 40 halloween 41

Ok so once you have your outfit sorted it’s time to move onto make up and hair. I love curling my hair by wrapping it around it the curling iron and twisting it at the same time. This gives more of a “Victoria’s Secret” wave than regular curl to the hair. My top tip would to unwrap your hair and don’t touch it at all until your entire head has cooled down. Once you’ve done that the whole way around your head then brush your hair with a wide toothed comb for a lovely wave to your hair and add you’re headpiece. For make up, I did a smokey eye using golds and warm brown eyeshadows to keep with the theme. Super simple, super pretty once you’re all done.

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